What I Do

What I Do

1. Sales Assessment:


You’ll receive a questionnaire asking for information on three elements of your sales life:

  • Current business situation covering income needs (wants), how you prospect, and the metrics of your sales activities. (15 questions)
  • Your selling process covering how you conduct a sales call, how you deal with objections, how you present your product or service, and how you close. (15 questions)
  • Mental/Emotional toughness covering psychological elements involved with sales. (8 questions)

I provide feedback in all three areas based on how you answered the questions. The feedback provides an honest appraisal of whether your daily activities will generate the right selling opportunities in the quantities required to meet your income needs.

2. Sales Training and Development:

You’ll receive 8 hours of sales skills and techniques covering:

  • No Fear Selling designed to remove and mental barriers to prospecting/selling
  • Two simple techniques that lead to a prospect saying Yes or No
  • Why prospects buy and how to uncover their real needs
  • How to deal with objections
  • Closing skills
  • Create a Sales Behavior Plan outlining targeted sales activities that increase business and income


3. Coaching: (Length of time dependent on client)


You’ll receive follow-up coaching that will cover any or all of the following:

  • Review sales calls and offer suggestions
  • Role-Play specific sales scenarios
  • Listen in on telephone prospecting to assess performance

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