Brains and Common Sense Or Lack Thereof in D.C.

My chosen field of expertise is sales, sales management, and leading small companies out from under the burden of owner’s egos. For the most part I have made good money and helped sometimes utterly dense people understand the concept of selling. The hard, cold truth is that I am 65 years young and faced with another challenge in my life. Do I sit by and watch our leaders in Washington D.C. screw up yet again? Or do I unload years of pent-up frustration here? I’m going for the latter.

I told salespeople often that they shouldn’t let their egos write checks their brains couldn’t cash. One not so smart rep asked me what the hell I was talking about. (Bad hire!) In language Koko the Gorilla could understand I told old 35 watter that when salespeople started believing they were really good they were a short walk away from arrogance. A big ego supported by poor performance or lack of skill is a recipe for disaster.

Well, guess what? That is exactly what’s going on in D.C. (Isn’t there a comic book by that name?) The GOP came into office with the support of many Americans who wanted change. Cut spending and weed whack excess out of government. What they have proposed cutting so far is so infinitesimally small as to be laughable. The Democrats haven’t done any better. Politicians inside the beltway are brain-dead! They are pampered by special interest groups; until recently they were held unaccountable; all of a sudden their egos are being stroked by the good life.

The “Beltway Blues” has continued with the new batch of pols elected last November. They have come to realize that they really can’t do anything to stem the tide of spending, taxing, and lack of ability to govern. Any significant change depends on stroking the egos of committee heads and senior politicians while trying to figure out who not to piss off when you take away money from their favorite boondoggle. (Google Harry Reid and Elko Nevada for an example.)

Here’s a little message from the heartland. When consulting jobs were less available and my income took a hit my wife and I whacked stuff from the budget. We gave up drinking, ate out less often and at less expensive venues, cut out the vacation to Florida and more. It hurt too! Know why our elected representatives won’t do this? They like the good life and all of a sudden the voters are almost out of sight in their rear view mirrors. They are scared to take on the NEA’s, UAW’s, Wall Street, and all the entitled groups who have gotten used to their checks.

I want to know who is going to have the guts to buck the trend in D.C.!


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