The Secret To Sales-Keeping It Simple

I can’t help it; I’m on a simplicity kick of late. I was baby sitting my 14 month old grandson (yes, grandfathers can do this alone) yesterday and I was on the floor with him acting a little crazy. Some people in my family might think that this is a normal occurrence and not one that I bring out only for the grand kids. They would be right of course. Anyway, Jackson and I were playing-with nothing in particular. I would mimic his sounds, he would try new ones. He would make facial expressions; I would mimic them. Meanwhile he’s laughing up a storm with nothing more than a grandpa to keep him amused. Hmmmmm, is there something to this? Me thinks there is.

People tend to complicate things in life. If someone is sad, let’s get them into a psychologist; if you have an ache or a pain and who doesn’t, let’s get into see the doc; if the lawn has a few weeds let’s call in turf care inc. When sales are down let’s ship everyone off to sales training. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against sales training but there may be shorter, less expensive options. This train of thought started as I was writing a chapter in my second book. In that chapter I was explaining a sales technique. After rereading my words I had the thought that my current explanation was a whole lot simpler than the one I used 10 years ago when I was doing sales training for a living.

The sales technique I wrote about was identifying prospect needs. As I wrote I focused on KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid. Then it dawned on me. Identifying need is nothing more than the end product of a dialogue between two people. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. What? No sophisticated techniques? No buzz words? No pain?

In Thursday’s post I’ll create a dialogue between two 13-year-old kids that will illustrate why closing or disqualifying is really pretty easy stuff.


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