Small Company Blues-The Dreaded Electronic Presentation!

It is amusing and somewhat painful to watch small companies attempt to grow. We have all seen these companies. A product or service is created and taken to market. The inventor, the inventor’s family, or angels fund the company. Sales are generated. much to the glee of all!

At some time in the first or second year sales become more mature and someone beside the owner does the selling and this is when sales stall. For a couple of reasons. The cherry picking/easy sales have been made. The next sales level requires a different kind of sale. Prospects are harder to see, the sales process takes longer, the no answers outnumber the yes answers. And in so many cases the electronic sales presentation is introduced because it is faster and less expensive than face to face sales calls.

The Go To Meeting idea is an awesome one! It brings multiple people together in a short period of time. What could be better? Not much if done correctly and that’s the issue. So what happens when the “salesperson” gets one or several prospects to attend an electronic meeting? The desire to “talk-sell” rears its ugly, ugly head. (By the way here is a given. The people attending the electronic meeting are real prospects. They have a real interest in the product.) This is how the talk-sell goes. Background on company, background on product, why the product will save time, money, who is using the product and what great results they are getting. All this is followed by 10-15 minutes of Q and A.

The first several times I witnessed this process I thought I was gonna be sick! Imagine wasting a prospect’s time and not getting them involved in the meeting? This borders on arrogance in my opinion. In essence the company is saying this: this product is so awesome that when you hear about it you will want to buy it. Know what happens next? The sales process goes on and on and on with no decision made to buy. And the larger the price tag on the product the longer time it will take to decide. (Normal in most cases but even longer using the talk-sell method.)

This is one reason why some small companies fail or grow at such a small rate that the money runs out. Talk-sell does not work. If small companies don’t have an effective sales process that gets the prospect involved then the sale is doomed.

Sales effectiveness starts with listening and ends with information!


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