Happiness Is Something You Design

I do not remember where I heard this but as I look for meaningful quotes, sayings, an adage I tend to browse through the cranial archives to dig up past goodies. This is one of them.

How easy this sounds right? The Law of Attraction is related to the adage above. The Law of Attraction means that if we project into the universe what we would like to receive we will receive it-in some fashion. Poor definition but you get the point. I can attest to the L of A working because it has happened to me countless times.

Designing happiness or joy or attitude or pleasure or-you pick the word-means more to me than the meaning behind the L of A. In order for the L of A to work people need to establish a specific view of life. And I do not mean putting a smiley face on to greet the day! (I had a manager like that once and I wanted to take that smile and jam it where no light exists!) A designed attitude (the word happiness is just too vague and clownish for me) requires a mental mind-set that says ya know,  regardless of what happens today, tomorrow, whenever I need to maintain an even keel. Our kids are going to screw up, I will say or do something very stupid, I may lose a sale, I may fail to make quota, the presentation in front of senior staff sounded like a 7th grade “what I did over the summer.”

When we design our attitude (life position?) we need that attitude to encompass every imaginable downer that may, could, or will happen. Flash to the Gulf states! They are staring devastation and the loss of their livelihood in the face. Next time you tune into the news watch the faces of these people. They are used to calamity, whether it’s Katrina, oil, notes that come due on their vessels-you name it. They rebound because they have to and  have no other choice. That is designing your attitude. That is mental toughness and isn’t that really what designing is all about?

If you don’t like the design of how you face life-then change it! The profession of sales requires it but then again so does every other profession. The marketing plan you worked on for 100 hours is trashed by the president, your marriage doesn’t stack up to your expectations, your parents drive you nuts, your sibs are out of touch.

Guess what-we all have choices! You get to design how you react to everything!

Create the attitude that carries you through every conceivable calamity. Your strength will show as will success!


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