Get Your Head In The Game-Now!!!

Can’t tell you how many times I said that as a coach of 12-13 year old boys playing little league baseball. Well, maybe not with that intensity but the kids got the idea that if you signed up to play then why not actually participate in the game vs. just showing up. I actually benched my own kid once. (Not much of a post-game celebration there.)

I’ve seen one company owner spend hours updating face-book; I’ve seen another owner miss a business opportunity 5 miles from his office because he refused to get out into the field or hire a salesperson locally. Then there are the owners who understand that they need help or advice in areas where they are not strong and take action when the moves suggested by an outsider make business sense.

Act vs. not act, move vs. sit, create goals vs. wander, prospect vs. hoping for the phone to ring. There are so many distractions in our world that it requires a tremendous effort to focus on anything. The number of bad distractions have to outweigh the good distractions by a healthy margin. But we do have a choice. I’m pretty sure (dripping sarcasm here) the dim wits in the government who spent our tax money surfing for porn sites had a choice to do something else.

OK, so here’s the kicker. Why don’t we nail people to the wall when they refuse to get their head into what they are supposed to be doing? A couple of reasons. People have forgotten what it means to have their head in the game. They are not being held accountable for their time or achievements-or lack thereof. There is tremendous fear of speaking out against an individual who is lazy or incompetent. Pure, unadulterated selfishness. (See past stories about Wall street.)

The incompetence starts in Washington D.C. travels through every government office and many, many companies and ends up dying a slow death in California. Don’t you think it’s time to start holding people accountable? Maybe it’s also time to take a hard look at political correctness and ask ourselves how PC affects the way we do business. Halt the short cuts and the stop gaps and do business the right way. If people can’t deal with taking action and executing those actions correctly then remove them!

It is about time to stand firm on certain principles that make personal, business, ethical sense. If you don’t, paralysis is just around the corner.

Note to self: Locate the two sales managers who fired me back in the day and thank them for giving me a wake-up call.


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