An Update On My Two Pound Friend

Several weeks ago I wrote about an event that has had a rather dramatic effect on my family. The event was the birth of our grandson Jackson Edward Fitterer. Jackson was two pounds and was born in the 25th week of our daughter’s pregnancy.

As of today young Jackson is doing OK. He is not, by a long shot, out of the woods but he continues to make progress and the nurses in the NICU tell us that he is taking on a personality. There word for it is stubborn! That would fit the DNA pool for the rest of the family so I think that’s a really good sign!

For the next several weeks I’m going to let the blog go dormant but I will be back. Added to the Jackson saga is the increased business in my consulting world.

Stay well and if you were part of the crew that stopped their lives for a few minutes to intercede on Jackson’s part with the Big Guy you have our thanks. Don’t stop now-he has a long way to go. Thanks.

A Thought: Don’t stubborn, strong-willed people make pretty good salespeople?


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