Hello, My Name Is Jackson And I Am Two—Pounds!

I don’t know anything about blogs, heck I was just born yesterday but fortunately I have this O.G. (Old Guy) that likes to write so I’m gonna have him help me. I probably shouldn’t call him Old Guy, after all he is my gramps. He and I sort of have this ability to talk to one another-telekinetic something or other.

Everything was going along OK until Sunday when my mom’s cervix decided it was time to dilate. From what the OG said this is not good. Anyway, they rushed her and me to the hospital and started pumping a lot of stuff into her and me. Jees, it’s tough enough to move around in this cramped space but then to have more watery stuff pumped into you-well it’s not easy.

Everything seemed to be running smoothly until my foot slipped a little and the doctor felt it. Next thing I know they’re rushing mom and dad and me off to surgery. Pop has a worried look on his face and mom, well she continues to wonder why so many jerky women (although she called them somthing that won’t pass the censors) can go to full term and have 8 pound brutes and she has to deal with a 26 week pregnancy. Beats me although I kinda wonder the same thing.

Surgery was quick and apparently I let out a yelp, which the doctor said was rare since I was only 2 pounds. How would you feel if somone took you out of your mommy’s warm, cozy tummy? All of a sudden I could hear noise and it was really bright. I was having a good dream too! My new home is a clear box and there are a bunch of things attached to me. I really don’t like this at all!

Yesterday in popped dad, the OG and gramma. That’s when I realized that the OG and I had this connection. He said something about me being Irish and German, whatever that means. Anyway he said that this meant I was a tough little hombre (???) and that I needed to fight and be strong. He also told me that there are a lot of people praying for me. That really made the OG happy.

I think that’s enough for now. I’m getting kinda tired. I’ll be back though to give you an update on what it’s like to be a preemie.

The OG here has a request for everyone who reads this. Please send it along to people you know. I want as many people as possible praying for Jackson, Sara and Chad. Their road will not be easy to be sure but I know that prayers work. And thanks from the OG.


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