Question: Can Anyone Tell Me How Much Time You Spend Selling?

This my friends is one crazy question! Early on in my formative years selling I always thought that the time I spent in front of a prospect or current customer was “selling time”. In today’s parlance selling time would be defined as the time spent in dialogue with a prospect about a product that they may need. Obviously, time spent in front of an existing customer when you are trying to increase the business you have should also be defined as “selling time”.

The assumption is that we use 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week as the bottom line number of hours working. A friend of mine from eons ago had his workdays down to a science. I suspect he was a man way ahead of the knowledge curve when it came to time management. Prior to a new fiscal year Don would look at his revenue target and determine how much new business he needed to meet his personal income target for the year. He then plotted out what products he needed to focus on as well as the customers and prospects he needed to see in order to make the goal.

Old Don was no dummy! He knew from his selling history, which he tracked, that he needed to see X number of prospects/customers and that he had to discuss specific products in order to attain X number of closes. He knew that he had to spend X amount of time in front of decision makers or people who could influence the decision maker. Think about this. Don knew how many hours per day, week, and month that he needed to spend in front of people in order to attain his personal revenue goal! And this was in the 70’s, when a huge electronic advancement was a calculator watch!

Don had a defined territory where people expected him. The prospects and customers had to buy products that Don or his competitors sold. Blue Birds (unexpected sales) dropped in once in a while. Given all that, however, could we duplicate this today? Good question. Anyone care to chime in

The Final Thought:     I Like this quote I dislike this quoteIt pays to plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” Unknown


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