Some Other Blogs That Are Worth Reading

I’ve been at this blogging thing for the better part of 18 months and along the way I have made some electronic buddies or EB’s for short. What qualifies as an EB?

  1. Their blogs contain intelligent content.
  2. They offer objective feedback on my posts.
  3. They were nice enough to read my book that I sent them.
  4. They have directed me to other blog sites and individuals.

All in all this little blogging adventure has been well worth the time and energy. So here are a few sites worth visiting:

Adrian Miller writes at Adrian’s comments are useful and can be applied immediately after you read them.

Will Fultz writes at Will is an ex-marine-what’s not to like? I have learned things from Will’s posts. He has a lot of creativity and is doing several things on his site that we should all do.

Jill Myrick writes at Jill’s comments cut to the proverbial chase on issues relative to sales management. I have a feeling that Jill also has a great sense of humor.

Jonathan Farrington writes at Jonathan has tremendous insight into sales and sales management. You will also catch some very dry wit in his blogs.

Scott Allen and Jim Berkowitz write at More good stuff on sales and sales management. Their podcasts are worth a listen.

And last but not least Pat Schaber writes at And yes, Pat is my son. In my opinion he is one of the smartest marketing sages on the web. Unfortunately, due to an extremely heavy work load, he has not been able to continue the lonely marketer but his earlier posts are worth reading.

Next week I’ll pass along some web sites.

The Final Word: “Friends are like four leaf clovers-hard to find and lucky to have.” Irish Wisdom


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