A Little Lesson From Tiger Woods On Goal Setting!

By far this is my favorite week in the Spring. You can actually see buds on some trees in Minnesota, the ice is off some of the lakes, and the Masters begins. For you non golfers the Masters is the first of four of golf’s major tournaments. The others being the U.S. Open, the British Open and the PGA. The Masters is played on one of the most beautiful courses on the planet-Augusta National. In fact, this is a Schaber call, it is the most beautiful! (In the unlikely event that someone could get my son and I on that course I would be their slave for a week! No, I am not kidding!)

In today’s sports page Billy Payne, the Masters’ chairman, said this about Tiger Woods, “He is a man who decides the outcome and then he undertakes a strategy. The rest of us adopt strategies hoping to get to an outcome….

The outcome of course is winning the Masters. This quote has enormous meaning for everyone, especially salespeople. As a salesperson and later as a sales manager I would look at my sales quota, whip out the calculator and figure out how much I would earn in salary and commissions when I made quota. What a self-inhibiting task! But don’t a lot of salespeople look at it the same way? Oh, here’s my quota so let’s multiply X by X and, whoa, I’m going to make X!

Tiger Woods is a student of the history of golf. He knows what score it will take to win the Masters. He knows Augusta National as well as we know the layout of our homes. From the very first hole in the first round Woods knows what score he  needs to shoot on every hole, right through the 18th on Sunday. Think about that and then translate that over to sales. Instead of determining what you would make by hitting your sales target, think about what you “want” to earn, not what you’ll earn by just making target. When you have that number then you determine what business you will keep during the next fiscal year. (Figure in 5% for lost business because you will lose some business.) Following that, plot what business you plan to gain from your current customers and from new customers. And always, always remember you are thinking in terms of the “outcome” at the end of the fiscal year. Ultimately, you will be thinking of what the end result will be and then what you need to do to get there.

All of this begs the question-what do you want to get out of or from your life? Forgive the philosophical bent to that question but it is a question that every person must ask of themselves. Think of the end point and then think of what the journey will look like to get to that end point!

With respect to Walt Disney I needed to add the “hers” and “shes”. We have a much better business environment because of the “hers” and “shes”. In Walt’s time women had not made their impact-yet.

The Final Thought:     I Like this quote I dislike this quoteA person should set his (her) goals as early as he (she) can and devote all his (her) energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he (she) may achieve it. Or he (she)may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he (she) will know he (she) has been alive.” Walt Disney


3 thoughts on “A Little Lesson From Tiger Woods On Goal Setting!

  1. Tigers goals started with his dad. I saw tiger on the bob hope show when he was around 4 i think. His dad showed him how to play golf at a early age. It still takes alot of talent thought to be that good. He doesnt need the money so his thought train changes to focus on his goals. We all have obstacles in front of us its called life it strays us from the origina path we took.

  2. **With respect to Walt Disney I needed to add the “hers” and “shes”. We have a much better business environment because of the “hers” and “shes”. In Walt’s time women had not made their impact-yet.**

    I think you’re needlessly criticizing Walt Disney. In Disney’s time, the masculine third-person pronoun was general, encompassing both male and female persons. Note that Disney even used the word “person”, not man. Disney knew plenty of accomplished women and girls with potential. You’re updating Walt’s language, not his thinking.

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