Common Sense Sales Rule-#1

                       Is Choosing Sales Right For You?

With this post I’ll begin a new feature from the Total Sales Manager. We’re going to talk about sales, from the beginning! When I say the beginning I mean from the time before you wound up in sales as a career choice. Your inclination is to hit escape or leave the site or yawn. Do what you need to do! You may learn something from this or you may not, or you may pass it along to a soon to be graduate from college who can’t make up his or her mind on a career path.

People get into sales for a lot of reasons. My entry into sales was as simple as my father saying, when I was out of work, “you should go into sales, you have a knack for getting along with people.” That, my friends, was what propelled me into sales! I still think it’s bizarre. Maybe this is part of the point of this post. After three years serving Uncle Sam and a year and a half in retail store operations I had no clue what I should do. And I was married! One 14-word sentence set me on the path to fulfilling all I ever wanted to do. I got lucky because I will tell you my Dad was not your quintessential career counselor.

What’s good about sales:

  1. Money and lots of it if you execute the job in the right way. (And the comp plan allows it.)
  2. Recognition
  3. The enjoyment of providing value via a product or service to meet someone’s needs.
  4. Camaraderie with people who are of a similar mind
  5. No 6′ x 10′ cube
  6. Less office politics
  7. Freedom from hassles, assuming that you execute the job correctly
  8. Great feelings of accomplishment

What’s bad about sales:

  1. You could get an idiot for a manager and he or she could make your life miserable.
  2. You may sell a product that you don’t see value in. (And neither does anyone else.)
  3. Your comp plan isn’t geared so salespeople can make a lot of money.
  4. You could have demanding customers who will never be happy regardless of what you do.
  5. The company has poor vision, lousy marketing, non-existent R & D.
  6. You may travel extensively but you found that travel is not what it’s cracked up to be.
  7. No one bothers to coach you on the finer points of sales. (See #1.)
  8. Constant pressure of making sales quotas.

The bottom line is that there is no perfect job anywhere and that goes for sales as well. As is true for most things in life a sales position will have plusses and minuses. If you like the concept of interacting with people constantly, talking and listening with a purpose, solving riddles of what make people tick, bringing expertise and knowledge to a marketplace, living on the edge at times because of uncertainty then sales is a great place to spend your life. If none of those things turn you on then maybe sales isn’t your bag.

The Final Thought: “Life without absorbing occupation is hell.” Elbert Hubbard


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