Some Sage Advice For Younger Salespeople-Track Performance!

Within the last few days a gentleman asked me for an abbreviated version of my resume. (This was required for a seminar I’m giving across the pond in the near future.) What this person really wanted was a document summarizing accomplishments, i.e. track record. What he did not say was leave out the mundane, which I did.

As I was putting this together I realized that the task would have been easier had I recorded key facts and figures during the last 37 years. I mean, it wasn’t like I came up empty or anything like that. I remembered enough of the sales increases, number of people I hired, the percentage of increases (generally) and other assorted achievements of note.

So, if your career in sales is starting out or if you have a few years under your belt start documenting the following:

  1. What was your sales increase in dollars and percentage from one year to the next?
  2. What major accounts did you convert and what was the increase in dollars and percentage?
  3. If you converted a major account how did you do it?
  4. Where did you rank in terms of percentage increase with other salespeople in the company or region?
  5. What awards did you earn for performance?
  6. At the end of your tenure with a company by how much did you grow your territory?
  7. How fast did you grow new product offerings vs. other salespeople in the company?
  8. How many new accounts did you open up in your territory?
  9. How did you open these new accounts?
  10. What was your closing ratio?
  11. What were the top methods you used for prospecting and how many appointments did those methods provide?
  12. On average how much did you grow business in existing accounts?

No doubt there are more. The point is, don’t wait to document your performance.


2 thoughts on “Some Sage Advice For Younger Salespeople-Track Performance!

  1. Tom, Great advice! I recently updated my LinkedIn profile with some of those figures. I needed a resume about two years ago and it was amazing how much I forgot. Once I went through the exercise, I didn’t want to lose it! Your list gave me more ideas of stuff to include. Thanks!

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