Sales Management & Leadership- Commitment & Belief System

This is a part of a continuing series on sales management and leadership.  Wikipedia defines commitment as interaction dominated by obligations. These obligations may be mutual, or self-imposed, or explicitly stated, or may not. Distinction is often made between commitment as a member of an organisation (such as a sporting team, a religion, or as an employee), and a personal commitment, which is often a pledge or promise to ones’ self for personal growth.

Wikipedia refers to belief system as a person’s life stance or lifestance is his or her relation with what he or she accepts as of ultimate importance, the presuppositions and theory of this, and the commitments and practice of working it out in living.

Three words out of that general gobbledygook will suffice here. They are obligation and ultimate importance. A sales manager has one main role and that is to develop salespeople. Develop carries with it these obligations:

  1. Improve sales people’s skills.
  2. Teach salespeople how to be sales professionals.
  3. Strengthen the salesperson’s belief in themselves-personally & professionally
  4. Coach them about the balance required between their personal and professional lives.
  5. Working with the salespeople on a regular basis.
  6. Direct the salesperson to other professionals who will help them plan for their financial future.
  7. Create a trusting relationship between the salesperson’s spouse/significant other.

Commitment to salespeople is a non-negotiable for the sales manager. Sales management is not about awards, money, recognition, or advancement. In its purest form management is about developing people and here is the irony of that statement-the more effective the sales manger is developing people the more awards, money, and recognition they receive.

I’d like to make one more point before wrapping it up. Belief systems also deal with value of the product sold and the ultimate importance in sales as a profession. If you don’t believe in what you sell how can you sound intelligent or enthused in front of a customer? If you don’t see yourself as a professional how can you walk into any sales call with confidence.

The Final Thought:     I Like this quote I dislike this quoteThe quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” Vince Lombardi


One thought on “Sales Management & Leadership- Commitment & Belief System

  1. I’ll take your definition of Commitment one step further – slightly modified from the one that Peter Senge uses in the Fifth Discipline. Commitment is the willingness to do what ever it takes (within your personal moral bounds) to accomplish the goal or create the vision even if that means re-defining the rules or laws that govern.

    Unfortunately, most people (including both sales staff and sales management) are only compliant – meaning they believe in the goal or vision, but are only willing to operate within the letter of the law (system) or within the intent of law (system). Basically, that means they “want” the goal to happen, but won’t do anything out of the norm or that they haven’t already tried to make it happen.

    With real commitment – anything is possible. Without it, only the status quo or slightly better is.

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