Getting Fired Isn’t All That Bad!

I know what you’re thinking. Schaber has finally tipped his mental canoe and he’s swallowing his way to the bottom of the river! The mental canoe may have tipped but I am afloat. The year was 1974 and I’d been selling for a pharma company for a couple of years. My results could best be described as lackluster and it was not the company’s fault although my manager at the time was a weenie. Selling the results of a smooth muscle relaxant didn’t turn me on much.

On a bone-chilling cold day in February my boss’s boss came into town to work with me. After a day and a half together he and my boss met with me to break the news. You’re fired dude! Great, just great. My wife and I had a one-year child and one of my wife’s grandparents had just passed away. It wasn’t fun going home and telling my better half that Mr. Sales Guy just got axed.

As a salesperson it does help to have a short memory. Life doesn’t stop so we have time to be consoled about the sudden bad hand that fate dealt. My wife was patient with the whole thing. She swore at the two guys who fired me and then suggested it might be time for a cocktail. God, I love that woman!

Within a couple of months I had a new and better job, making twice the money with products that people could actually “see” value in using. I was a happier camper even though I had to travel more. My wife was happy mainly because I was happy, although the extra money didn’t hurt the cause. Things tend to work out in life even though during the dark hours of doubt that may not seem like the case. I really believe that “things” work out because they are supposed to.

Some of you may be thinking that I’m a little simple-minded about the whole thing! And no doubt many of you have gone through some major life upheavals. Regardless of the severity of the workplace speed bump, life does return to normal or at least some version of normal. We can make the transition back to normal either easy or hard depending on how we look at change. Come to think of it, change is a part of our lives anyway so when the changes come, regardless of their severity, stay the course and adapt. Sooner or later the changes will yield another version of life.

The Final Thought: I would be writing so many songs in my head while I’m making 30 Whoppers and six fries. That’s why it never got me down or whatever. Of course, I got fired because the place got stuck up.” Wyclef Jean


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