One Of The Ways A Sales Call Can Go South-Fast!

I looked back on a sales call I made recently and I was incredulous! The call stank and for good reason-I was not prepared. I received a call from a person who needed sales and management training for everyone in his company. It would have been a good gig.

The call came on a Wednesday the day before I was going to leave on vacation. Being the heroic sort and always interested in over-performance I said to the gentleman, “I am leaving on vacation tomorrow but why don’t we meet before I go.” He was happy; I was happy. The only real problem with this scenario is that I had already checked out mentally. I was already at the lake digging my toes into the sand, planning where I was going to play golf.

Have you ever been in a meeting and you felt completely and totally disconnected? That’s how this meeting went. I did very few of the things that I tell people to do during a sales call. I presented no agenda for the meeting, asked dumb questions, had no continuity and mentioned a fee before I understood all the needs. In horse racing the second horse places and that was my position in this particular derby.

How hard would it have been to ask a prospect if their time schedule for the training demanded an immediate start? If there was any wiggle room in the timing why not ask to see them on the other side of the vacation? If they were truly interested in seeing me (and this was a referral) then they knew that I couldn’t have started the training until after my vacation anyway.

Don’t do a sales call unless your brain is fully engaged in that moment! Nine times out of ten you won’t have the focus and you’ll miss the sale.

The Final Thought:     I Like this quote I dislike this quoteHe who is well prepared has half won the battle.” Proverb


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