Head Trash-Those Tapes Just Keep On Rolling!

Many moons ago in my formative selling years I had a real problem talking about money! This is not a good thing when you’re talking to a prospect who wants to know the price of the product. Is my price too high? Will the competition undercut me? What will the prospect think about my price?

That wasn’t the only head trash I carried around. It took me more than a few years to understand why I had this junk rolling around inside my brain. It dawned on me one day where this stuff came from. It comes from all the people who impact our lives, all of whom have set up their own rules of the road for us to follow. In the case of money I distinctly remember my father saying to me, “don’t ever ask an adult how much something costs.” This little bit of strategic, parental advice came after I had asked one of my father’s friends how much he paid for the neat car.

If you hear something over and over again you are bound to believe it is true. One of my daughter’s 5th grade teachers left this wonderful thought with her and one of her best friends, both of whom found math difficult. He said something to the affect that both of them will probably wind up at McDonalds. Thanks, pal! That was fun to clean up when our daughter came home that day. Fortunately this nimrod retired the following year.

We all carry around these tapes and messages from our youth. The advice, lectures, verbal tongue lashings and other assorted bits of information stay with us forever and they impact how we lead our lives today. It pays to take a look at what our beliefs are and evaluate whether the beliefs are ours or are they the left over residue from an earlier discussion with a teacher, coach, parent, sibing etc. If you’re still carrying around baggage from your youth-shed it and shred it! It has no place keeping you down.

The Final Thought: Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” Marie Curie


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