What Are We Celebrating Today?

This is a decidedly different post than the ones I’ve offered over the last 9 months. I was filling my car up Monday afternoon when a lady in the car next to mine said “Happy Memorial day and thanks for serving.” She added that she had seen my license plate, which has a Viet Nam veteran insignia. I was really caught off guard but recovered enough to say thanks.

I am certainly not going to make this a one time stage for political opinion. There are enough half-wits doing that now. However, I did begin to think of the people I know or knew who have been affected by war and freedom. My father-in-law fought Rommel in world war two; his father fought the Kaiser in world war one; one of my closest friends survived being wounded twice in Viet Nam; another friend who I knew for only 3 months never survived his first month in VN; my daughter-in-law’s brother has served 2 tours in Iraq.

At times like today I am overwhelmed with emotions when I think of the sacrifices that so many people made and continue to make for our country and for freedom. No one can argue about the importance of either WW I or WW II. Korea was critical for pacific rim freedom. Viet Nam was a mistake of horrendous proportions. The war in Iraq will have a greater impact on the USA than most people realize.

Regardless of what political side you lean toward there is one fact that everyone should agree on-the men and women who serve their country do it proudly, with great conviction and courage. They do it regardless of the opinions of the media or the political wags or those people who disagree with the reason they are fighting.

Let’s put Memorial Day into perspective. Our soldiers die or they return home and more often than we know live with physical and mental burderns that last a lifetime. They are and should be our heroes. They represent the greatest country on earth and they don’t care whether you’re a conservative or a liberal, green or drive a gas guzzler. They stand for values, faith, courage, pride , home, family and freedom. They allow the rest of us to pursue our dreams.

To all the people in our military-thank you, from the bottom of all our hearts!

The Final Word: The secret of happiness is freedom    I Like this quote I dislike this quote and the secret of freedom, courage. Thucydides.


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