Value & Belief As Key Ingredients To Sales Success

Back in the seventies when interest rates were climbing like the shuttle Columbia my motivation to sell was plummeting. What I was selling at the time didn’t affect my attitude; frankly, I was just not into selling. There is nothing worse for a salesperson than walking into a prospect’s office (in my case a doctor) and looking and talking with only half your brain and a quarter of your enthusiasm. In this case sales moved vertically-down!

 Then a funny thing happened. Well, first, I changed jobs, which did make a difference. And I learned that what I sold did make a difference. In the previous job I just couldn’t equate the product to value; in the new job the products brought value to both the doctor and the patient. What a revelation! Selling becomes easy and fun and profitable when the magic word value enters into the selling process.

Value to me meant that the product would help the physician diagnose a medical condition. The result was that the patient could lead a better life and not have to worry about their medical condition. Maybe this sounds a bit trite but when you’re on the street everyday making calls, getting yeses, getting nos, sweating, freezing or wedged in the middle seat on a 3 hour flight between the gargantuan twins it makes a huge difference.

And the product value effected how I evaluated myself. I felt good about being a professional salesperson and I believed in what I did. My belief also effected whether people bought from me. Again, this may sound trite but when you believe in yourself and what you’re selling you look like you’re having fun and that impacts the customer. When was the last time you bought something from a dour-faced salesperson? If you did you probably felt like it was a bad decision.

For the love of God, Allah, Yahweh or whomever you believe in have fun out there and show it!

The Final Word: Value yourself. The only people who appreciate a doormat are people with dirty shoes. Unknown


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