Monday Morning Manager-A Great Age To Hire Salespeople

You’re a sales manager and you have an opening for a salesperson. As you sit and ponder whom to hire these may be some thoughts that wander through your brain:

  1. Should I go for the veteran?
  2. Should I hire someone younger and mold them?
  3. Does gender make a difference?
  4. Where am I going to find this person?
  5. A veteran requires less training and development time; a less experienced rep requires more.
  6. I’ve got to get this done within three weeks.

Of course, these and other thoughts are working your brain into a pile of oatmeal. You think about this in the shower, before you go to bed at night and while you’re driving to work. And your boss is not making the process any easier. She just passed you in the hall and tapped her watch while giving you that have-you-hired-anybody-yet look.

Here’s a bit of advice that will make you look good-to everyone. Find a salesperson in the 26-32 year old range. It makes no difference whether the individual is male or female. Here’s why. The rep:

  1. Had one maybe two jobs and knows more about what kind of sales career they want.
  2. May be getting married or is already married.
  3. And spouse are expecting their first bambino.
  4. Is at or close to the end of the wild, post-college years.
  5. Finally is getting the idea that money and lots of it are a good thing.
  6. Is more mature and knows that they don’t know it all.
  7. Is easier to develop.
  8. Has defined their selling style.

I love this age group! I was 30, married, and had a 1 year old son when I found the first job I really enjoyed and was good at and made good money at. Since 1975 I’ve worked with a lot of reps in this age bracket and have hired at least 20 in this age group. Out of the twenty maybe 2 haven’t worked out.

Where do you find these reps? Tap into:

  1. People you know in this age group to see if they know reps in this age group.
  2. Your customers to see if they know of reps.
  3. Other salespeople and/or employees in your organization.
  4. Starbucks or Caribou and look for the person working on their laptop. (I KID YOU NOT!)
  5. Networking groups.

To tell you the truth they are everywhere. Be creative and you’ll find more than a few.

The Final Thought: I hire people brighter than me and then I get out of their way. Lee Iacocca


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