Overcoming Adversity

This is actually a pretty funny story and one with a lesson for all of us. Earlier in the week I mentioned that I had the privilege of talking to a group of overachieving insurance reps in Costa Rica. It was actually a week ago on the 14th. Whenever I do a talk I practice until the words and concepts are second nature. It’s almost as if the talk has a mind of its own.

So there I was in front of this group of salespeople, corporate staff, a few spouses and significant others. I was working off a PowerPoint, which for an ancient mariner like myself is a step on the wild side! About a third of the way through my talk the power goes out, which of course means that the air conditioning is ca-put as well as the PowerPoint. In case none of you know this, Costa Rica is damn close to the equator, so it’s pushing 95 with high humidity. Let me tell you folks, this is not T. Schaber’s optimum weather mode!

During the next hour the power came on for a minute and then died, came on and died etc. About time that the second power resurrection died I thought that I was going to be the second coming of a rhesus monkey in the middle of the jungle! I had two choices-throw up the hands and yell no mas or drive on and make the event one that people wouldn’t forget. Hey, come on, you all know me well enough by now to know which one I chose.

At times like this I think that we all have to pull something from our core. We all have resilience, a second and third reservoir of energy, a dominant gene that says “I will not be beaten“! We pull these out when someone tells us that we’ll never make it in sales, or when a prospect starts looking at their watch, or when your boss rakes you over the coals or when you fall $2K short of your goal on December 30th of the fiscal year. Something down deep inside shouts at us not to give in. You believe in yourself and YOU WILL NOT BE BEATEN!

Whenever you feel that the gods of sales vengeance have you in their sights, stop. If you don’t have a mirror look inside yourself and say with all the confidence and vengeance that you can “I will do this”. I cannot be beaten!

All of you are class A salespeople and don’t forget it!

The Final Thought:     I Like this quote I dislike this quoteIt is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult undertaking which, more than anything else, will determine its successful outcome.” William James


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