Brett Favre And Sales!

For better or worse (more often than not, the latter) I am a Vikings fan. I’ve lived through the 4 Super Bowl losses, the incredibly stupid Les Steckel year, the Denny (there’s a new sheriff in town) Green years and finally the most recent poor excuse for a coach. During the years starting in 1992 or thereabout I used to hate Favre. I couldn’t tell you why but I did, until 3 years ago. Neither could I tell you why I suddenly became a huge fan of his. It just happened.

I started to think about Favre in a new light when I saw him play a couple of years ago when he was 36 years old. The man took a beating, spending most of his time in the game looking up at 300 pound defensive ends. Yet despite this, the man was having fun. His team mates loved him for the grit, determination, creativity and passion that he brought to each play of each game. Favre was like a kid in the candy store of sports!

I wonder to myself why we can’t all have the same fervor for what we do as Brett Favre has for what he did? Yeah, the guy made millions to get punished but he also played through death, cancer, addiction and untold injuries that would have kept most of us on the sales disabled list. I think Favre knew that he was lucky. He was playing a game and getting paid royally, he was practically a god in Wisconsin, he was part of the ultimate good old boy sub-group-football players. And the man really did not take himself all that seriously.

There is a lesson here somewhere! There isn’t a salesperson or sales manager who can’t make tons of money and be revered by their peers. It is possible!The great majority of us have the internal skill sets to learn how to be exceptional at either sales or sales management. It is not that hard. It takes diligence, patience, the willingness to learn and some good coaching but aren’t those some of the same characteristics that Favre had early in his playing days in high school and college?

There is one other thing to ponder. Whatever kind of sales or sales management you do you do it on the best playing field in the world-the USA. To say that opportunities abound is an absurd understatement! Would you all please have some fun doing what you do? The last time I checked there are no 6’5″, 260 pound linebackers ready to sack you on the way into your prospect’s office. Enjoy the challenge, the camaraderie, the money, the recognition that is available to anyone in the sales game. And then, the next time you close a sale, go back to the office, pick your sales manager up, put him on your shoulders and carry him around the office with a delirious grin on your face.

Go Sell Something!

The Final Thought: Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face. Dave Barry


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