Post Call Chaos

We’ve all been here! You just finished a sales call that lasted 90 minutes; you met with several key decision makers. You’re now back in your car. One of the following things will happen:

  • You call voice mail.
  • You speed out of the parking lot because you’re late for your next appointment.
  • You call your biggest account to see if their shipment has arrived.
  • You return your daft sales manager’s call because he said it was urgent. (Which it usually isn’t.)

This is pretty typical behavior. However, because salespeople are stressed and rush from one event to the next, they seldom take the time to assess the sales call they just completed. Here’s the contradiction. Marketing managers evaluate ad campaigns, engineers evaluate new product designs, manufacturing managers evaluate new processes. What do salespeople do after a sales call? Most of the time they just move on to the next activity. Here’s a short list of things a sales rep could assess post sales call:

  • Did you identify the prospect’s communication style?
  • Who controlled the sales call, you or the prospect?
  • Did you listen more than talk?
  • Did you overwhelm people with product knowledge?
  • Did you identify all the prospect’s needs?
  • Did you set up the objective for the second sales call, assuming there is one?
  • Did you discuss budget and the decision process?
  • If this was the first call did you ask for a tour of their facility?

This is hardly a complete list but it’s a good start. If you don’t evaluate how the sales call went how do you know whether it was a good call? (If you are in a one call close business then you know right away if the call was good because the prospect bought. Most sales calls require multiple meetings.) If you don’t take a hard look at the sales call then you may not know where you need to improve. If you have a good sales manager they should conduct a post-call assessment but if the call was solo then you need to take the time to review how you conducted the call.

If you can’t do it immediately then do it later during the day. If you wait until the following day you’ll forget key components.

The Final Thought: A man’s errors are his portals of discovery. James Joyce


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