Monday Morning Manager

I’ll admit it, I’m a little hot under the collar. I met a gentleman several days ago who I really enjoyed. He’s pleasant to be around, has a good sense of humor, and has worked through several emotional episodes in his life. Typical for a “networking” meeting like this we talked about careers, jobs we liked and didn’t like, managers we liked and didn’t like,  and an assortment of things that business people discuss. All in all, a pretty normal networking event. Until…..

When people get together, regardless of gender, job, situation or whatever, they discuss income. It does not always happen and maybe it happens more when men get together. I honestly do not know if sales women or female sales managers discuss the same thing. I asked this gentleman what he made. I didn’t do this out of the blue because that is rude; I asked because he was thinking of moving to another job. There are times when I run across sales positions so I wanted to ask about income so I knew what to be on the lookout for, job wise.

My specific question to Alex (not his real name) was what do you want to make in annual income? He said, “Well, at least fifty thousand.” By the way, Alex was 44 years of age. I sat there for a couple of pulse beats before I said, “Man, you are worth more than that!” He was taken aback by that comment. I won’t replay the rest of the conversation but I will make some very strong statements about income and what people should strive for.

This blog does not have a large number of readers but for those who do read this regularly please understand this simple fact-you are probably worth more than you are making right now. If you are in sales or sales management then I am sure of that statement.

Here is what happens in life. We are programmed to think of ourselves in certain ways. Usually, this includes how much we think we are worth in terms of annual income. Our expectations come from:

  1. Parents
  2. Industry standards
  3. What someone says the job is worth
  4. What we are willing to accept
  5. What we are used to earning
  6. What seems OK to you

The nicest thing you can do for yourself is to walk those six expectations to the round file and get rid of them! Try something for me. Whatever you are making right now in annual income increase it! Increase it by at least half, or more if you really feel that you deserve it. Why? Because most people plug themselves into certain pre-conceived ideas about their life. Money is one of them. How can you possibly move beyond your present income unless you can first imagine making more than what you make now? You can’t!

Are there caveats to this? Of course. If you’re making 35K in a beginning sales position and you want to sell high level medical devices with an income of 250K then this will be a stretch, in the immediate future. If you want a sales management position paying 400K and you’re 25 with two years of selling experience then hang it up. Look at:

  1. Your selling skills
  2. Your industry
  3. Your company
  4. Your expectations
  5. Your goals in life

 If you think that you are worth more than what you are currently making then start thinking you are worth more than what you make. Pick a reasonable number above what you are earning and make that number your goal.

I  am not done with this topic. Tune in Wednesday!

The Final Thought: Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail. Charles Kettering.


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