Monday Morning Manager-A Surprise!

This will be a slightly different post than the one I usually do on Mondays. For more than a few years I have been thinking about writing a book. About thirteen months I began that process, completing it in February of 2007. I can think of many emotions surroundng the writing and publishing of the book. At different times I was nervous, jubilant, frustrated, angry, worried, edgy and on and on. The process pretty much ran the gamut of emotions.

The title of the book is The Road Warrior’s Guide to Sales Management: Taking the Stress Out of Managing Sales People. Not everyone liked the title of the book but when you see the cover you’ll have a sense for why it appealed to me. Plus, the publisher, Beavers Pond Press in Edina, Minnesota, mentioned that the cover of a book drawes people to it and that’s the first step.

The book is for business owners and sales managers but it also has application for salespeople. Some of the topics covered in Road Warrior are:

1. When to hire salespeople

2. Where to find them

3. How to train them

4. How to conduct a sales meeting

5. How to interview

6. How to develop salespeople

7. Creating sales territories and compensation

Road Warrior has equal parts wisdom, practicality and humor. The stories and enecdotes are real! It was great fun writing it and I hope that you have fun reading it. When you’ve finished the book let other people know about it.

You can purchase Road Warrior at the Bookhouse Fullfillment website!


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