What Is a Sales Pro?

All salespeople are not equal! Are salespeople born? Are they made? Every profession has its own quality range. There are some doctors I wouldn’t take my dog to just as there are some lawyers I wouldn’t want on my payroll. Well, the same thing is true for salespeople.

After years of selling, managing, training and consulting I can name less than 15 salespeople who I think have attained that lofty sales pro status. I’ve told these 15 that if I was ever going to start a company and I needed outside reps they would be the first ones I would call. Considering I have been around hundreds and hundreds of reps this is not faint praise.

In my opinion these are some of the qualities sales pros have:

  1. They know their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. They know what there career path is.
  3. They understand their role as mentors to less experienced reps.
  4. They are goal oriented and have written out goals for life and current sales position.
  5. They are voracious readers and learners.
  6. They look together, from polished shoes on up.
  7. They know what their sales behaviors are and do them every day.
  8. Their customers absolutely love them because the quality of the service they provide is exceptional.
  9. They understand the industry, the marketplace and their product better than anyone else.
  10. They follow a sales process.
  11. They tend to listen more effectively than less experienced reps.
  12. They are motivated by money as well as providing value to their customers.
  13. They are fearless prospectors.
  14. They are great communicators
  15. They understand that family is the number one priority in life.

That is hardly a complete list but it’ll do. I am boggled by the idea that business owners and sales managers would even think of hiring any other kind of salesperson but they do. Why? They can get less experienced reps for less money but that is economic suicide because those reps will turn over more quickly and generate less revenue than the pros. Bottom line is, that will cost more in the long run than the sales professional.

In future posts I will offer some ideas about how to identify salespeople who are not yet sales professionals but who do exhibit the right characteristics that will move them into the all pro category.

The Final Thought: If you hire mediocre people they will hire mediocre people. Tom Murphy


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