A Look at Sales Behaviors

Sam Miller, an Expert Author at Ezine Articles wrote an article on September 11th about Sales Metrics. The article was excellent because it focused attention on the need for companies to measure sales activities. As a sales management consultant one of my first priorities is to determine what the sales people have to do every day in order to reach their revenue goals.

A couple of years ago I was consulting with a company that distributes products for 3M. One of 3M’s marketing ladies came into this company to do an exercise with the sales people. The exercise centered on what the salespeople needed to do to sell X amount of 3M products and to which companies. After the exercise I learned that this is a Six Sigma exercise for sales! Well, lo and behold, guess what Schaber’s been doing for the last 10 years? I can tell you that it wasn’t called Six Sigma. (Some salespeople referred to it as the most painful experience in their sales life.)

The bottom line is this. Every sales manager owes it to their salespeople to put them through an exercise like this. The question I always ask people is “how are you going to acheive your revenue goal in the next year”? Whoa! Blank stares and mental shuffling usually follow the question. The answer to the question is “Tom, these are the daily and weekly behaviors I need to do in order to reach goal”. And what are the sales behaviors? These are a few examples:

  •  Number of face to face sales calls each day.
  • Number of prospecting phone calls daily and weekly.
  • The number of closes needed weekly or monthly.

Obviously, there’s more to this than the three bullet points but you get the idea.

 Final Thought: If you do the right sales behaviors you will always make your revenue target.


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