Why Become A Sales Manager?

It is almost easier to come up with more reasons not to become a sales manager than the reverse. Here are some of the things that typically build pressure on a sales manager:

  1. They are caught between upper management and the salespeople they manage. Management says “bring in the numbers, push your sales people”. The salespeople say “Boss, these targets are crazy and our pricing is way out of line”.
  2. The end of the quarter or end of year push for sales to make target.
  3. Having to fire a salesperson the manager thought was going to be a star.
  4. Dealing with needy salespeople.
  5. Dealing with the salesperson who is older than the sales manager and who won’t pay one iota of attention to what the manager says.
  6. Travel

On the other hand there are some solid reasons why becoming a sales manager is a rewarding and fun challenge.

  1. Through coaching and mentoring you can help an average salesperson become a sales giant.
  2. There is a lot of teaching in sales management so if that’s your bag, then management is a blast.
  3. Implementing a sales plan with a team you direct as a sales manager is great, great fun.
  4. Hire a salesperson that becomes a star.
  5. Making goal at the end of the year and taking home a fat bonus check.
  6. Helping a salesperson move through personal or business issues.
  7. Building and blending a sales team.
  8. Building trust with a variety of different styles is challenging and interesting.

 If coaching, mentoring, teaching, listening, building, helping are characteristics that fit your style than sales management is worth pursuing. If you’re the lone ranger salesperson that enjoys selling and being left alone then walk away from sales management. You won’t like the demands of the job.


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